HSK/BCT exam preparation
汉语水平考试 (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì)

HSK/BCT Preperation

If you're planning to take the HSK or BCT exam, you'll need to focus more on grammar points, learn specific vocabulary, pay more attention to subtle differences in usage between similar words and get in plenty of exam practice. Our exam preparation classes will cover everything you need to help you achieve the best result posible.

What is HSK?

HSK stands for Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (汉语水平考试) and is China's only official test of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers. It's similar to the IELTS or TOEFL tests that are used to assess the English level of non-native English speakers.

An HSK certificate is the best way to prove your Chinese language proficiency and can be used to demonstate your Chinese level when applying to Chinese universities or for jobs that require Chinese language skills. Many students also like to take the HSK to monitor their progress, as a goal to work towards or just to get a certificate to show their Chinse ability.

The test is divided into six levels: levels 1-2 (beginner), levels 3-4 (intermediate) and levels 5-6 (advanced). If you're not sure, we can help you determine which level is most siutable for you.

Nowadays, you can choose to take a computer-based HSK test, which means you don't need to worry about being able to handwrite Chinese characters.

See here for more information about the HSK

What is BCT?

The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is an international standardised test designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers engaged in business activities. It is supervised by Hanban (the same organization that organizes the HSK exam) and is designed to provide candidates with an official certificate of their Chinese proficiency - useful when applying for both jobs and university programs in China.

BCT is designed to test your Chinese ability in a range of business-related, daily life and social interaction situations and focusses on practical communication.

You can choose from two levels: BCT(A) for beginners, and BCT(B) for intermediate and advanced level learners. These exams will test your listening, speaking and writing skills. There is also a seperate speaking exam (BSK Speaking) which is computer based and will test your ability to complete various communicative tasks by using spoken Chinese.

How we can help:

The skills required for taking the HSK or BCT exam are somewhat different from the skills required to use Chinese in your daily life. Our HSK classes will help you understand exactly what the exam involves and the best way to approach each section of the exam.

In addition, one of the best ways to prepare for these exams is to practice each type of exam task over and over again, building your knowledge and learning from your mistakes at the same time. We can provide you with plenty of practice tests (a great homework exercise) and give you feedback on your mistakes to make sure you're ready when the test date comes.

Before you start your classes, we can make an assesment of your Chinese level to determine which level test is most suitable for you if your not sure.


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